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Men's voices

Hello beautiful Souls,

Welcome to Somatic Balance.108, I am Caroline Hey, your mindfulness practitioner. In this Blog Post, I’d like to talk to you about the silenced voices of our men.

In honor of Men’s Mental Health Week, June 13th to 19th 2022.

When you are reading this and you are male, thank yourself! Thank yourself for taking the time, to learn more about yourself, taking the time to care.

Taking the time to tap into the bits that are still curious about new things, and that are not the norm in society yet,… this is called bravery.

If you are a woman reading this, take a moment and reflect like no one is watching and be brutally honest with yourself,… when was the last time you’ve actually listened to a man?

Your man/ partner, your dad, your brother, your mate, your colleague…?

REALLY listened?

Let me guess, it’s been a while?

Men are the unheard. Men are the unseen. Men are the unrecognized.


· Men live in average 6 years less than women

· 90% of children that are acting out are male

· 92% of domestic violence are connected to men with a difficult childhood

· 90% of the jail population are men

Yet, men are the ones that have to have it all, and yet no one tells them or shows them how to achieve the unachievable.

Okay, let’s backtrack.

Imagine, you are a 5 year old boy, tumbling around to the point that you scraped your knee open. It stings, actually it really hurts, you cry…

Are your parents listening to you? Or is mom and dad telling you to ‘man up’, it’s all not that bad, ‘boys don’t cry’?

We have a whole generation of under-fathered man. Men who grew up without a father, or with a father that was emotionally not available.

The top three lacks are:

1. Affection = Today’s men have not heard from their fathers “that they matter”, experienced hugging, or expression of love.

2. Teaching = Today’s men have not been taught what life has in store for them as a man to be.

3. Example = Today’s men didn’t have a role model to show them how a well-balanced emotionally intelligent man handles life, danger and love.

If this is your experience, you are amongst of 97.6% of all men aged over 35 years who fall into the category. (Based on statistics released in February 2022 in “Developing man-kind”.)

If you are a female and still reading, have a think back to your childhood. How often did that happen to you as a girl? You had a ‘booboo’ and everyone comes running and pampering you.

There you go, ladies. Cut your fellow male counterparts some slack.

Back to the men.

“Change starts with acknowledging where you are at in life. Denial is meant to be a short term survival strategy, not a way of life.” - Steve Biddulph, Author of ‘Manhood’

Men have been emotionally castrated a long while ago. Factually, the last time a man was allowed to be a hu-man, was back in the tribal days.

Men of a tribe had a blood bond, were raw, emotionally connected and still leader of that pack.

They had a voice to roar with, they had physical strength to hunt, the had emotional availability to raise the next generation of sons, and held initiation ceremonies for the boys around age 12-14.

Nowadays, boys that age still have the urge to go through some kind of transition, guided into manhood, yet it’s mostly up to ‘copy/paste’ behavior. The older boys in school are the ones younger boys look up to.

Instead of having a community stepping in when a single mom raises a boy, they are left as outcasts.

The increasing movement of allowing men to become a MAN again, makes my heart smile.

Giving men their voices back. Giving men their hearts back. Giving men a guide to manhood back.

A man 2022 is allowed to ask. A man in 2022 is allowed to show emotions. A man in 2022 is allowed to seek help.

Men-groups, breath-work, warrior weekend courses… you name it.

What a beautiful stage to be in. Men wanting to understand what being a man really means. Healing father wounds and ancestral mindsets that no longer serve men.

Men’s Mental Health Week, June 13th to 19th 2022, is a great platform to shout “healing” from the rooftops.

Somatic Balance.108 Therapy by Caroline Hey, is a place where men are listened to, been given a voice, and learn the right balance of physical and mental strength. Recognizing who you really are, and what has been lifelong conditioning by family and society. A safe place to start a healing journey of the mind, heart, soul and body.

Learn how to communicate with self and others in a calm and safe way.

Men have yet to be liberated from the stigma “what it means to be a man”.


Six (6) men a day commit suicide. 82 men have a serious attempt.

In the year of 2021, registered and clinically acknowledged, 2502 male suicides have been committed. That makes 20 men per 100,000. These numbers are not including “un-identified passing”. The “real” number is believed to be 18-23% higher than the official reports.

Men are meant to be free.

This alone is feels close to impossible to achieve with the current mindset, especially in Australia (where I reside these days). The “lucky-country” syndrome is killing our men like flies. The issue lies much deeper than having a desirable job, a pretty wife, two cars, a dog, and cat and 1.8 children.

Men need space.

Men need adventure.

Men need a voice!

I am here to reconnect the modern man with these lost values. I am not here to tell you to up-and-leave everything. I am here to guide you through the journey of communication, self-discovery and self-trust. Reconnecting with the essence of manhood without hurting self or others.

Book your first discovery session now.

Via Zoom.

In Person.

Through a workshop.

Supporting Men’s Mental Health week from June 13th to 19th 2022, a 25% discounts apply to all booking with the CODE: MMHW22

Somatic Balance.108, Realignment by Caroline Hey.


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