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Caroline Hey.

A soul living the fullest of her human experience.


Sounds weird? Well, maybe let’s go with ever evolving woman.

Born behind the iron curtain, by birth she wasn’t set up to see the world. Yet, exactly that is her calling.

A global citizen, traveling 48 countries and counting. She has lived and worked in 4 continents.

My Story

Caroline has seen a lot, not always the nice sides of life, yet never stopped fighting for her place on this planet.


Surviving battles she didn’t choose to fight; they chose her. Never giving up on life and her birthright of living to her fullest, she is ever evolving to the best possible version of herself. Always following that inner voice back to the light.


Caroline Hey.

An Australian by choice since 2016.


She is an image specialist by trade, and a mindfulness practitioner by heart. After a successful twenty+ years journey and groundbreaking career goals accomplished in the imagery world around the globe - she retrained and graduated with excellence as a Dipl. Somatic Trauma Therapist. Following the calling of giving back. Furthermore, she obtains licenses in teaching Meditation for student and teachers to be, as well as trauma release and diabetes reducing Yoga.

Her credo: Healing the world one soul at the time.


Her hobbies are earthing, writing, painting ,expressing her creativity, yoga and learning about the human mind.


Caroline is holding free meditations every Saturday at 6.30am

as an ambassador to MeditationHQ.

Get in touch with Caroline by following her mindfulness content on Instagram:

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