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Feather, Brick, Truck…

Hello beautiful Souls,

Welcome to Somatic Balance.108, I am Caroline Hey, your mindfulness practitioner. In this Blog Post, I’d like to talk to you about “signs” from universe.

We have all experienced this life scenario at one time or another. “Why the F*%k do I have go through this again, and again, and again?” … Well, there is a lesson that needs to be learned. Life will keep giving us these learning opportunities until we take the new road, we change our approach.

And to be brutally honest, it’s never just the ONE thing we need to learn. It’s all about what we need to unlearn from our conditioning.

We are searching for words to explain our repetitive journey to others, yet never feel quite understood.

One could not have happened without the other. The unlearning process might require big falls to allow you to find the “answer” in the post fall journey.

The metaphor of “Feather, Brick, Truck”.

In my case, it was fining mindfulness, and therefore fining myself and my lives purpose.

People usually make a change in their life in one of two ways: either we become consciously aware enough to begin the change process ourselves, or, the Universe begins the process with a knock on our door. And if one is too dulled-down to notice either, it just might happen simultaneously.

Either way, change is inevitable.

The first gentle nudge – or “Feather”.

Feather, the gentle stroke of Universal energy (God, Spirit … which ever resonates with you), trying to open your eyes, heart and sensory receptors to a new way of life.

For me, it started with the reoccurring number 108. 108 is considered a sacred number in Hinduism, Buddhism, and yogic tradition. Malas or Japa beads come in a string of 108 and are used for devotional meditation, mantra, and prayer. With each bead a mantra or prayer is repeated to meet a total of 108.

It took me 35 or so years to have that penny drop.

The feather is a gentle nudge or a push in a particular direction. It is encouraging you to sit up, pay attention, listen carefully to what is happening around you in your life. It could come in the form of a couple of different people giving you the same information, or suggesting a book to read, or hearing the same thing in different ways and from different sources. The feather is a gentle incident, event or reminder where you realize or know you must do something, but you don’t. When life hits you with a feather, you may feel a little itch but you brush it off, make no changes, and move on.

The first actual moment I remember that Universe tried to tell me something, was when I was 20 years young. A gently nudge to consider a different view to life. For me, I had been gifted the book “The Secret”, in English. My English wasn’t good enough at the time, it was all too hard, and it didn’t really spark my interest. I allowed myself to remain distracted with those things that I viewed as more important.

The second more impactful reminder - or “Brick”.

A fairly strong interception to life to rattle your cage, and make you look up and wonder how you got there. Something that does make you stop and second guess, and act upon. Maybe even have you starting a new life.

If we don’t pay any attention to the message of the feather, a brick comes along. This is a stronger warning that something isn’t right in your life and that you need to make some changes. A brick is usually uncomfortable. The brick is a not so subtle reminder of the lesson the feather was there to teach us. It could be unexpected changes in such as an increase in pain in the body, or a painful relationship moment. When life hits you with a brick it hurts. If you get the message, you make some changes for the better and life goes on in a new direction. Unfortunately, most people don’t pay attention to the brick either, or become slack over some time.

My brick hit me when I was 30. To be precise, on my 30th birthday. It hurt like hell, but it worked. Ten days later, I made the decision to change my life drastically. To find out what else is there. I felt as if I had nothing to lose. I gave notice to my job, sold everything I owned, told everyone I am leaving without telling them when and where…. And on the day, four months later, I boarded an airplane into a new life.

I discovered life, lifeforce, mindfulness, and realized my purpose in life.

However, I didn’t really know how that purpose could work in a “normal western lifestyle”. After 16 month of living like a nomad, I reintegrated to the western world, 16800km away from where I started.

The problem with thinking you’ve figured it out after the brick, is, that universe still recognizes that you need to change! The truck is about a massive shift to life as we know it. All of a sudden we’re forced to make massive changes to our life.

In my case, western approach took over, and I forgot all about the brick and the blessings I experienced through that change.

My truck slammed into me full speed. The trauma that it caused would probably been equally horrific as if it would have been an actual truck.

But, Universe gave me all the tools to survive such a life changing event. The mindfulness practice I acquired during my 16 month journey to self, was the tool that helped me survive and realign with my purpose again.

The truck provided me with clarity over the purpose of my life. The same purpose I discovered five years prior in the mountains in Thailand, but I didn’t know how to apply.

I am supposed to heal people.

I started studying mental health, specialized on Men’s Mental Wellbeing and Trauma recovery. This not only helped me heal the trauma I endured, but also it helped me to understand how I got there… and for the matter of fact, how to prevent others from getting into such a situation; or being the creator of such situations to others.

I am grateful for the journey, all of it. Because it let me to coming home to myself, living my true purpose, and evolving into a better human every day.

Moral of the story?

We are better to tune into the feathers to avoid a lot of the bricks, and never confront our truck. Next time you are hit by a brick, ask yourself a couple of questions:

“What is the common nominator between this event and previous events with the same outcome?” “What do I really want?”

“ What did I expect from this journey?”

To get a better understanding of how to maneuver through life to be able to notice the “feathers” in your life, understand the “bricks” coming at you, and avoiding that “truck” colliding with you, embark on a 10-week Holistic Human Development journey with me.

If you have been hit by your “truck”, let’s heal that wound first to then establish a pathway back into a “feathery” life.

Enquire here:

With loving Kindness,



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