Mindfulness Practitioner

MBEd Dipl. Med. Hol. Couns. (IMTTA)

Healing the World one Soul at the time.


Holistic Human Development

How to find the light in the darkest moments of your life?

I help you to navigate back to your inner light, holding a safe space to allow you to return to a holistically balanced being.

Trauma and Grief Therapy

No text book psychology has ever assisted humans to get back to a peaceful self.

I am not here to hook you onto years of therapy.

I am here to help you to heal from the inside out.


Mindful Life Approach

Learning to understand the Soma.

Through the Somatic healing process I help you to understand your Soma.


Soma, your whole being: Body, Mind, Spirit.

Ones Soma is not a Temple.

A Temple can be destroyed.

Ones Soma is a forest.

Rich and diverse, capable of recovery from the most severe of devastations with the right care and nourishment.