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Somatic What?

Hello beautiful Souls,

Welcome to Somatic Balance.108, I am Caroline Hey, your mindfulness practitioner. In this Blog Post, I’d like to talk to you about what psycho somatic therapy is.

Psycho Somatic, a big word for an even bigger journey in life. This type of therapy is the connection between your mental triggers and your physiological responses.

A relatable example would be:

Your body flinches when you hear a loud unexpected bang, like fire-crackers on any other day than 4th of July, or New Year’s Eve.

1 - the mind:

Your primal brain signals danger due to an unexpected, unusual sound from an unknown source.

2 - the body:

Your body flinches to duck from a potential impact, and you are instinctively looking around to see where the “danger” came from.

Now, multiply this by 1000 for a trauma survivor in both directions on scale.

The trigger.

A much smaller trigger such as a smell, a song, or a word, a gesture, or the brushing by of a certain type of person.

The physiological response.

Hyper tension and the 4F’s kicking in. Trauma survivors immediately fall into one of the following:

· freeze (in a literal way, spasm attack, clenching)

· flight (starting to tear up, removing themselves from the environment they are in)

· fight (engaging is rage verbally or physically, pushing back, manic)

· fawn (become childlike and charming their way out of danger)

None of the above are healthy, or support you in your everyday life in a modern wester society. To be able to dim our responses to non-threatening triggers, we have to seek help. This is where Somatic Healing comes into place.

Trauma is a disorder of not being able to be fully present in your life. The brain has not been able to put an end point to the impactful event you have experienced in the past. Basically, you are stuck in the past and your alert system, which was rightfully activated in the moment of impact, has not stopped. Like an old vinyl, stuck on retreat because of a dust corn sitting on the LP, or a scratch on the surface.

For the readers who cannot relate to trauma, somatic storing of events can also be a positive experience. That one song that gets you dancing because that is what you’ve danced to when you were 14 yo and in a cheer squad, or that smell that reminds you of Grandma’s casserole, or that one stuff toy you still have in your a bottom drawer, because it gives you the feeling of love, warmth and safety.

Healing your own trauma is essential to be able to show up for others. And more so, to not create trauma for other in your life.

Somatic Healing; you don’t choose this kind of therapy to find comfort. You choose it to heal.

Somatic healing is a type of therapy that goes beyond talking. A type of therapy that lets your body speak.

The tight shoulders, a never-ending headache, or that bowl problem… Yes, all that might have little do to with your current life, but are “letters from the past”.

Somatic healing, fundamentally, allows you to experience the power of your own body. Everything human’s need, we are born with. It’s not THAT miraculous, that people cure themselves from stage 4 cancer. We do have the power within.

Allow yourself to experience the endless depth of your physical being by going through a body release session.

Book your free consultation now.

Start your healing journey today.


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