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Hello beautiful Souls,

Welcome to Somatic Balance.108, I am Caroline Hey, your mindfulness practitioner. In this Blog Post, I’d like to talk to you about the plot of life.

Yes, even in the most tumultuous times, life has it’s reasons. It doesn’t matter if you are religious, spiritual, atheist or none of the above.

There is this “thing”, and that is fact, life shows up in patterns.

Breaking the pattern means discomfort, but equals growth. I stop you right here. Growth does not necessarily mean good. Discomfort doesn’t necessarily mean bad either.

Let’s start with the good stuff.

Discomfort can be going on a trip by yourself for the first time. Once you have embarked, the adventure kicks in and the discomfort gets silenced with excitement, new discoveries and joy.

Traveling always by yourself, could be a pattern. A safety mechanism you have created for yourself. Maybe because you think no one “gets you”, and everyone will be annoying after a short while. Or, because you have been let down last minute several times on other occasion, so you don’t even bother asking someone for such a big deal as a joint travel experience.

Yet, that extra person might lead you to unexpected joy, extraordinary adventures you might have missed when traveling alone.

You see, anything can have two sides to a coin.

A true pattern isn’t that easy to spot, unfortunately. A true pattern is personalized, deeply woven into your tissue of your being. Detecting a pattern, and realizing YOU are always the common nominator is the challenges life throws at you.

Self-reflection became a dying art since the 2000’s. Thanks to social media and the growing needs to be seen by people who are not seeing you, but who are watching to compete with you.

Yes, wanting to find out what is the plot in your life might make you the odd one. Yet, equally this journey will make you the more “real” one too.

Let’s make this easy.

Take a moment and remember a couple of your class mates. The longer ago the better. Kindergarten, primary school, middle school, high-school… college. Pick two or three of them and remember the days when you’ve been on even ground in life. Same school, similar lunches, most likely same neighborhood, similar aspiration in life ect.

Now, take a moment and think of them as adults, regardless if you are still in touch with them or not. Consider where they might have been heading in life after your paths have split.

Have you exceeded your vision, have you been avoiding your vision, or are you still trying to find out what that vision actually is?

There is always a sign hidden somewhere.

It’s either telling you, you are not on the right path, or you are on the right path and giving you a chance to reflect back on the journey that you’ve embarked to get there.

Sometimes, that is the same sign. Just in different stages of your life. At one stage the same sign might be, “Watch out, you are about to go backwards.”, and at other times it might be a rewarding reflection on “how far you have come”.

Be sure to listen to your physical response, your intuition when being confronted with the past or with choices that remind you of your past. Don’t judge yourself for your past. At the time, you have done the best to your ability with the knowledge you had.

Just reflect.

Realign with your vision, your core value, why you’ve started that study, that journey, that hobby… and was it, that got you off track.

What pattern repeated itself in a different camouflage to tear you away from what you truly wanted?

Reflect on your attention management. Do you easily stay focused on project for a long time, or do you get easily bored? Either of the above if a pattern on repeat.

Do you switch and swop too often to actually gain results, or do you let go too late and miss the next opportunity by being too attached to thing and persons and locations?

The pattern is called a pattern because it’s so perfectly disguising into our very own personality trades.

Think of a Chameleon, always adjusting to its surroundings, both eyes moving individually to have the widest spectrum … Are you a Chameleon, or are you an outstanding individual?

If you’d like to discover your pattern and realign with what you truly desire, feel free to reach out for a free consultation.

With loving kindness,



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