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Somatic Balance.108

Mindfulness Practitioner Caroline Hey

Accreditation: MBEd Med. Hol. Couns.

Men's Mental Wellbeing

Connect with the man you wish to be.

This is a place where men are listened to, been given a voice, and learn the right balance of physical and mental strength.


Discover the true essence of your purpose.


Recognising who you really are, and what has been lifelong conditioning by family and society.

Understand what does not serve you anymore, let it go, and chose consciously who you want to be.

Trauma and Grief Therapy

Men and Women experience traumatic events differently. Science has taught us that trauma is stored in the body.

I work with the power of your own body, mind and spirit to release embodied trauma, based on your individual healing required.

Rather than using a "band-aid" approach by using pharmaceutical medication, we work together to create a safe space, and heal from the inside out.


Mindful Life Approach

Learning to understand the Soma.

Soma meaning; your whole being - Body, Mind, Spirit.

Through the Somatic healing process I help you to understand your Soma.

Ones Soma is not a Temple.

A Temple can be destroyed.

Ones Soma is a forest.

Rich and diverse, capable of recovery from the most severe of devastations with the right care and nourishment.


What ever the questions is...

Love is the answer.

If your heart loves the person, but your life got in the way; the embodied release approach can rekindle what has been lost over the years.

Healing emotional wounds is not about therapists telling you what to do, but more about asking the right questions to lead you back to your true essence within.

"The best teachers are those who show you where to look, but don't tell you what to see."

- Alexandra K. Trenfor


Holistic Human Development

How can you find the light in the darkest moments of your life?

Through a holistic approach, I help you navigate back to your inner mind-body balance.

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